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Founder | Company Director

Her work is inspired by travels all over the country. As an industry educator, Aaleahya is highly experienced in keratin smoothing treatments, color and hair extensions. Under her belt is training by Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, Davines and GK Hair Professional. She is one of our eyelash technicians. And a professional who appreciates not only the artistry of doing hair but the art of running a company dedicated to achieving great customer service.

Location: Cary, North Carolina


Co-Owner | Director Of Opperations

Monique specializes in keratin treatments, hair color and eyelash extensions. She was directly trained by the founder before going on to become partner. She shares in the vision of empowering woman both in the chair and behind it. Monique graduated head of her class at Frederico Beauty College and has train with companies like Davines and GK Hair Professional.

Location: Sacramento, California 


Master Stylist | MAKE UP ARTIST

Dena is a master stylist with a diverse eye and years of experience with all hair textures. She is a precision cutter and industry educator who has maintained her raw talents even with her long resume of advance training. A certified Professional with GK Hair and Hair Cology, Dena is also known as an Image Consultant, Makeup Artist,  Motivational Speaker, and the CEO of Reveal Cosmetics. Her work is often featured in magazines such as For the People By the People, and Our Success. This super star can make you look like a star yourself.

Location: Cary, North Carolina



With decades of experience as a professional braider and loctician, Tracy has earned the title of a "master" at what she does. Her training as been acquired from all over the United States and proves that her art form is sometimes under estimated yet always amazing.



Location: Sacramento, California


Lead STYLISt | Natural Hair Specialist

In a market known for natural hair and fabulous textures Neidra exemplifies what it means to specialize in her techniques. This stylist has over a decade of experience and her skills in everything from crocheting, and braiding, to men's haircuts and women alike are absolutely masterly. Certified with GKHair Professional and featured in MoStyle Magazine.

Location: Cary, North Carolina


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